Bill Sharpe
Emeritus Professor at Stanford Business School and Nobel Prize winner

Bill Sharpe
YouTube video from Bill Sharpe on US public sector pensions

BT Group Pensions
Largest UK pension scheme


IFRS and International Accounting Standards Board
Responsible for international accounting standards, including pensions

Institute of Actuaries
"Making financial sense of the future"

Jeremy Gold
Many excellent papers written by a New York pension consultant, who sadly died recently

Nobel Prize-winning Economists
Robert C. Merton, Robert Solow and Paul Samuelson interviews, introduced by Zvi Bodie 2008

Richards Consulting
Expert analysis on longevity issues

Robert C. Merton
Professor at MIT Sloan School of Management and Nobel Prize winner

Produces regular research on US pensions

The Economist Buttonwood blog
Finance Column by Philip Coggan (last column May 2018)

The Pension Protection Fund
Set up by the Pensions Act 2004

The Pensions Regulator
Set up by the Pensions Act 2004

US Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
A federal corporation protecting the pensions of 44 million US workers & pensioners

Zvi Bodie
Emeritus Professor, Questrom School of Business, Boston University, MA

Bill Sharpe

Bob Merton

Zvi Bodie

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