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“Mervyn King is wrong to deny USS deficit” - Bernard Casey& John Ralfe, Financial Times, 12/09/2018
“DB pensions were killed not by new accounting or regulations but rather by the doubling of the annual cost of new pension promises in the past 20 years”

JER submission to USS Joint Expert Panel - John Ralfe, USS, 17/08/2018

“PPF chief’s difficult problem remains” - John Ralfe, Financial Times Letters, 10/08/2018

Academics face paying more to plug £8.4bn pension fund gap - Kate Beioley, Financial Times, 24/07/2018
"The new deficit figures did not change the high cost and risk for universities of guaranteeing generous defined benefit pensions" JER

MPs back calls for a new type of workplace pension - Josephine Cumbo, Financial Times, 16/07/2018
“The structure of the Royal Mail CDC scheme involves a transfer from younger members to older members” JER