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“Royal Mail’s CDC pension plans need a dose of realism” - John Ralfe, Times Business Comment, 11/06/2018
"CDC fans do a lot of arm-waving when asked to explain CDC they must go beyond theory and produce practical details showing all the nuts-and bolt"

BT pulls plug on its own history in radical overhaul - Nic Fildes & Josephine Cumbo, Financial Times, 10/05/2018
"Issuing the £2bn bond is a sleight-of-hand that does not improve security for BT pension scheme members" JER

Rolls-Royce to save £145m in new pension deal - Peggy Hollinger, Financial Times, 06/05/2018
"The current DC maximum contribution of 6 per cent is stingy for a blue-chip company, especially when the annual benefit to DB members is 30 per cent” JER

House of Fraser in pension talks with regulator - Josephine Cumbo, Financial Times, 03/05/2018
“Sorting out House of Fraser’s two pension schemes with total liabilities of £600m makes a CVA more difficult" JER

Canadian workers offer pension lessons for the UK - Josephine Cumbo, Financial Times, 01/05/2018
“CDC can only work in the UK if it is strictly regulated. Without this strict regulation we are just wilfully creating a huge mis-selling scandal for the next generation” JER