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“Reducing the cost of public sector pensions” - John Ralfe, Financial Times Letters, 18/05/2019
"Public sector pensions should be reformed, not to increase “flexibility” but to reduce costs"

John Lewis Partnership staff back pension change that will save £80m - Jonathan Eley, Financial Times, 15/05/2019

Philip Green’s Arcadia aims to halve pension contributions - Jonathan Eley, Financial Times, 05/04/2019
“It would be extraordinary for the Pensions Regulator to agree to something weaker than it already has" JER

“Three changes to get rid of perverse tax incentives for NHS consultants” - John Ralfe, Financial Times Letters, 30/03/2019

“Time for a triple tax bypass to get hospital doctors off the critical list” - John Ralfe, Sunday Times Money, 10/03/2019
“Our tax system makes it worthwhile for consultants to quit. Three changes will stem the flow”