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USS warned against revising outlook - Josephine Cumbo, Financial Times, 23/10/2018
“In our view, "taking account of expected future investment returns" fundamentally misrepresents the economics of DB pensions"

Letter to Bill Galvin, CEO of USS - 39 pension experts, JER Website, 12/10/2018
Letter to Bill Galvin on the USS 2017 Valuation from 39 pension experts from the UK, Australia, Canada, Cyprus, The Netherlands and the US.

Backing for USS DB pension scheme bucks trend - Josephine Cumbo, Financial Times, 29/09/2018
“The JEP flawed argument depends on USS still being open to new members, and having a AAA credit risk" JER

Kodak UK pension plan members face threat of reductions - Josephine Cumbo, Financial Times, 20/09/2018
“Not only was ‘regulation by expediency’ wrong in principle, it has cost the PPF, and the companies paying the levies, around £600m.” JER

Legal & General takes on £4.4bn in BA pension liabilities - Oliver Ralph, Financial Times, 14/09/2018
"The real problem remains what BA does with the bigger scheme. They are a million miles from doing a buyout on that.” JER